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View the permit types you can apply for online. Please note that you must resolve any active code enforcement violations on the property before you can apply for new permits.

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Permit and Resource Management Department
POLICY AND PROCEDURE                                         Number 4-0-7
Building Permit No Plan Check (A-BLD Permits)
This policy is intended to provide guidance when a permit may be issued as an A-BLD permit. A-BLD permits are issued without plans and without formal plan review, although in some cases supporting documents (such as a floor plan, or manufactures listing documents) may be required.  It is not intended that an A-BLD permit be issued for any change of occupancy.  Any work done in conjunction with a change of occupancy shall require a B-BLD permit.
The following types of permits can be issued as A-BLD permits for residential structures and/or associated accessory structures:
1.    Water heater replacement or installation including associated water piping, gas
       piping, and vents.
2.    Plumbing work other than the above.
3.    Electrical services upgrade maximum 200 amps including associated wiring at
       the service panel. Electrical services greater than 200 amps require a B-BLD.
4.    Electrical work other than the above.
5.    Heating and/or cooling equipment repair or replacement, including associated
       water piping, gas piping, and vents.
6.    Mechanical work other than the above.
7.    Re-roofing, for the purposes of this policy, roof sheathing, fascia boards and
       rafter tails that are replaced as a matter of required maintenance shall be
       considered included in the scope of re-roofing. (See item 10 below).
8.    Installation or replacement of siding.
9.    Dry rot repair and/or replacement in kind to not more than 40 lineal feet of
       wall, provided the work meets the requirements for conventional construction
       in the building code.  “Wall” includes bottom plate to top plate and may
       include rim joist, rafter tails and fascia (foundation repair/replace and
       re-framing of room rafters requires plans).
10.  Repairs to decking or guardrails of decks.
11.  Repair or replacement of interior or exterior stairs, including handrails and

Because there are no plans, it is important that the permit description include enough information so that the building inspector can determine the extent of the work.

All work authorized by an A-BLD permit must conform to present codes. For instance, guardrails which are replaced must meet current spacing and height requirements.  Stairs must comply with current rise and run requirements.


The types of A-BLD permits which can be issued for non-residential structures are severely limited because, with some exceptions, when alterations or structural repairs are made to existing non-residential buildings, accessibility requirements must be made as well.

The following types of permits can be issued as A-BLD permits for non-residential structures:

1.    Replacement heating, water heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
       equipment with the same type of unit in the same location. New roof mounted
       equipment or equipment in a new location requires plans.
2.    Re-roofing (reframing the roof requires plans).
3.    Service upgrade maximum 400 amps including associated wiring.
4.    Electrical work not involving the placement or replacement of switches or
5.    Plumbing work not involving the placement or replacement of plumbing

All work to a non-residential structure other than that shown above requires plans.

Refer to Permit and Resource Management Department (PRMD) Policy & Procedure 7-0-8, Abatement Demolition Permits, if an applicant elects to legalize a violation by removing unpermitted construction. This policy requires:
•    A site plan and floor plans be provided, and the floor plan must show the
      current and final floor plan.
•    Form CDE-005 Demolition Permit Checklist filled out by Code Enforcement
All other applications to legalize construction without permit shall be treated as new construction subject to inspection per PRMD Policy & Procedure 1-4-2, Concealed Construction Verification Guidelines.
Fees for residential A-BLD permits should be charged as follows:
•    For Electrical Service Panel Upgrades, see current fee schedule.
•    If there is electrical work included, select the minimum electrical fee.
•    If there is plumbing work included, select the minimum plumbing fee.  
•    For water heaters select the minimum plumbing fee only.
•    If there is mechanical work included, select the minimum mechanical fee.
•    For furnace, select the minimum mechanical fee only.
•    If there is work which is part of a minor remodel on the walls, ceilings, roofs
      or floors, the fee is calculated using four value ranges.  This results in the fee
      ranging from the minimum building fee up to 2.5 hours inspection time.
•    For re-roofs the fee is calculated using four value ranges.  This results in the
      fee ranging from the minimum building fee up to 2.5 hours inspection time.
Fees for commercial A-BLD permits should be charged using our existing fee schedule.

When an A-BLD permit is issued, the permit holder should be informed that if the building inspector finds during the course of inspection that the work authorized by an A-BLD permit with no plans exceeds the scope of work described above, or if the work does not meet the requirements of conventional construction in the building code, plans will be required and a B-BLD permit issued after the appropriate reviews and approvals.
The following procedures should be followed:
•    The building inspector shall issue a correction notice stating that plans and
      a B-BLD permit are required, and giving the reasons for this requirement. If
      the limits of an A-BLD permit have been exceeded, the correction notice
      should explain the details; such as, more than 40 l.f. of wall reframed or
      lateral bracing of structure compromised, engineering required.
•    The correction notice shall specify what, if any, work can continue (such as
      weatherproofing the structure).
•    A stop work notice shall be issued when necessary.
•    When the customer comes to PRMD with plans for the work, customer
      service staff shall review the plans and initiate a B-BLD permit for all the
      work on the project, including any work previously described on the A-BLD
      permit, in accordance with our current procedures.
•    A site review is required if required by our current procedures.
•    Fees paid for the B-BLD permit should be adjusted to exclude fees previously
      paid for work on the A-BLD permit.
•    Review is required by other sections of the department in accordance with our
      current procedures.
•    As a general rule the B-BLD does not receive priority processing. The Building
      Official may authorize priority processing when necessary to protect health and
•    Customer service staff shall change the status of the A-BLD permit to
•    Customer service staff shall add the following notice to the A-BLD permit:
      “WORK INCLUDED IN B##-####.”

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