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You must be have a Permits Online account to apply for permits.

Depending on the permit type or service, you will apply in one of two ways:

  1. Online Via Permits Online
    After selecting the "Apply Now" button (outlined in green), if you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in or register.
  2. Via E-mail to Specific Disciplines
    Select the "Apply via Email" button (outlined in blue). Be sure to link your online account with your permit as described in "Account Linking" below.

Account Linking

Link Your Online Account to Your Permits: If you applied for the permit in person or applied via email, you will need to link your Permits Online account with your permit application in order to complete your permit application and/or upload required documents.

Note: If you submitted your permit application using the green "Apply Now" buttons below, you do not need to request to link your account as it will be linked automatically.

Trust Accounts: If you have a trust account with Permit Sonoma and want to link it to your online account and your permits: Submit Request

Electronic Plans Requirement

Even if you initially submitted paper plans for you permit, you will be required to submit plans and other documents electronically going forward. Paper plans are no longer accepted.

Paper plans are no longer accepted.

  • Resubmittals and Revisions: As paper plans are reviewed and comments are provided, resubmittals and revisions will be required to be submitted electronically. Paper plans or documents will not be accepted.

  • Submit Electronic Plans Via Permits Online: Electronic plans and supporting reports or documents (drainage calculations, energy calculations, soils reports, structural calculations, truss calculations, etc.) shall be uploaded electronically through the online permitting portal (using the “View My Records” icon) even if the original plan review was submitted in person as a paper application.

  • How to Submit Electronic Plans: Follow instructions prior to uploading electronically via "View My Records":
    1. The applicant will need to become a registered user and create an online account.
      To register for Permits Online, select the "Register / Log In" link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

    2. The applicant's user name and email address must be linked with the permit record(s).
      To link the account: Link Your Online Account to Your Permits »

    3. Once the user's account and permit project(s) are linked, the uploading of documents can occur.
      (If you are instructed to submit your documents as a merged PDF file: Instructions for merging PDF files »)

Submit Permit Application

Permit categories available:

Sonoma County Wildfires

Expedited Rebuilding Permits (Wildfire-affected Areas Only)

Apply for expedited rebuilding permits in areas affected by the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fire, 2019 Kincade Fire, 2020 Walbridge and Meyers Fires, or 2020 Glass Fire. Before applying here, you must follow the Rebuilding Process first at the Rebuilding Together site.

    You must use the Permit Wizard to apply for rebuilding permits online.

Planning / Project Review Permits

Customers have the option to submit planning applications electronically. Because this online permitting portal is not yet configured for Planning e-submittals, the submittal process will take place by email.

Planning Applications

    Please follow the process instructions to submit a planning application electronically. Be sure to also follow the Account Linking process described in Step 1 above.  (More Information: Planning Permits »)

Vacation Rentals (TVR) & Hosted Rentals (THR)

    Please follow the process instructions to submit a online application for a vacation rental or hosted rental permit. Be sure to also follow the Account Linking process described in Step 1 above.  (More Information: Vacation & Hosted Rentals »)

Construction Permits

Only the following permit types are available for you to apply online at this time. If you attempt to use one of the permit types below to apply for the incorrect permit types, your application may be delayed or voided. To prevent delays, ensure you apply for the correct permit type by using the Permit Wizard:

Please visit our Digital Plan Room (DPR) Help Page for videos and written instructions as well as Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers).

Auto Issue Permits

Apply for fast-track Residential Only permits:

New Building Permit

To prevent delays, ensure you apply for the correct permit type by using the Permit Wizard:

Otherwise, if you are certain you know which permit type to apply for, select the appropriate option below:

  • New Building Permit with No Plan Check (BLD)
    You may only use this option to apply for building permits for projects that do not require construction plans. If the only required plans are a site plan or floor plan, then apply here. Make sure that your residential project or non-residential project does not require building plans.
  • New Building Permit with Plan Check (BLD)
    Apply for a building permit for which construction plans are required. (If the only required plans are a site plan or floor plan, then apply for New Building Permit with No Plan Check above.)
  • New Building Permit – Stock Plans (STK)
    Apply for a stock plan permit for swimming pools, water tanks, accessory structures.
  • Solar System via SolarAPP+ (BLD)
    Apply for a building permit for a roof-mounted, residential photovoltaic (PV) solar system. This is an expedited process via SolarAPP+, which is a program from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). A qualified licensed contractor is required and you must qualify through SolarAPP+. You must also register with SolarAPP+ before applying here.  (More information: SolarAPP+ Frequently Asked Questions »)
  • New Building Permit – Agricultural Exemption (AEX)
    Apply for building permit exemption provisions for buildings designed and constructed for use in housing farm machinery, animals, supplies or products that are harvested from or utilized on a parcel of land consisting of five acres or more.  (More Information: Agricultural Building Permit Exemption »)


  • Building Revision (BLD)
    If a construction project is revised, for example by altering floor plans or adding additional square footage, the revisions must be reviewed and approved by Permit Sonoma prior to making those changes in the field.  (More Information: Revisions to Building Permits »)
  • SolarAPP+ Revision (BLD)
    If a SolarAPP+ roof-mounted, residential photovoltaic (PV) solar system project is revised, the revisions must be reviewed and approved prior to making those changes in the field.  (More information: SolarAPP+ Frequently Asked Questions»)

Deferred Submittal

Deferred submittals are those portions of a project's design that are not submitted at the time of the Building permit application and are to be submitted to Permit Sonoma within a specified period.
  • Deferred Fire Submittal for Building Permit (BLD)

  • Deferred Plan Check Submittal - including Truss Calculations (BLD)

Demolition Permit (DEM)

    A demolition permit is required to demolish a building or structure in whole or in part. Some demolition permits may be included within a building permit application, especially for portions of structures.

Fire Prevention & Hazardous Materials

  • Fire Construction Permit (FIR)
    If this is related to an existing building permit, please use the “Deferred Fire Submittal” application above.
    The FIR permit type is for stand-alone fire permits including:
    • Fire Alarm
    • Fire Line Underground
    • Fire Sprinklers
    • Hood and Duct
    • Temporary Membrane Structure Permit
  • Underground Storage Tank Permit – Hazardous Materials (HAZ)
    This Underground Storage Tank (UST) permit is issued by the Fire Prevention Division's Hazardous Materials Unit.
    (More Information: Underground Storage Tanks (UST) »)
  • Deferred Fire Submittal for Building Permit (BLD)

Grading Permit (GRD)


    Changes to plans or documents, based on comments received from Permit Sonoma Staff, can be submitted using the View My Records option to find your record.

Roads and Right of Way

  • Encroachment Permit (ENC)
    An encroachment permit is required anytime work is conducted in a County of Sonoma public right-of-way such as water lines, sewer lines, construction of curbs, gutters, sidewalks or driveway aprons, or vegetation removal with chipper equipment.  (More Information: Encroachment » | How to Apply »)
  • Improvement Plans (SUR)
    Reviews improvement plans (roads, utilities, etc.) for new developments.  (More Information: Improvement Plans »)

Sanitation Sewer

  • Sanitation Sewer Construction Permit (SEW)
    A sanitation sewer construction permit is required for work associated with or related to connecting to a public sanitary sewer system. Typical work includes building sewers, side sewers, laterals, sewer mains, manholes, or similar items.  (More Information: Sanitation Sewer »)
  • Sanitation Sewer Fee Payments (SEW)
    Sanitation sewer fees for connections and services are required for new connections to a public sanitary sewer system or modifications of existing sanitary sewer services.  (More Information: Sanitation Sewer Service and Connection Fees »)
  • Sanitation Sewer Outside Service Area Agreements (OSAA) and Annexations (SEW)
    Requests for public sewer service for a property located outside of the service area of a County sanitation district or zone.  (More Information: OSAA and Annexations »)

Septic Systems

In areas where public sewer is not available, homeowners must have septic systems installed on their property that will treat wastewater coming from their home.

Storm Water Permit (STW)

    Storm Water Permits are required for the construction or modification of drainage facilities not associated with any other related construction permit such as grading, encroachment, building, or septic permits. (More Information: Storm Water »)


  • Temporary Emergency Housing (TEM)
    Residential use of recreational vehicles and travel trailers, for persons displaced by major wildfires that occurred in Sonoma County, but on sites outside burn areas on residential or agriculturally zoned properties. Permit has a set end date.
    (More Information & Permit End Dates: Temporary Occupancy of RVs »)

  • Temporary Membrane Structure
    • Special Event Temporary Tent (FIR)
      A Special Event Temporary Tent permit is required for all tents over 400 square feet. Apply online with the Special Event Tent permit application.  (More Information: Tent Permitting and Inspections »)

    • Cannabis Hoop House (FIR)
      A Cannabis Hoop House permit is required for all hoop houses associated with Cannabis Use Permits and agricultural permits. Apply online using the Cannabis Hoop House permit application.  (More Information: Cannabis Permits and Inspections »)

  • Temporary Structure (TEM)
    Temporary installation of a pre-fabricated structure such as a construction office or an RV for caregiver housing.

  • Temporary Utilities (TEM)
    A temporary permit for utilities for a permitted structure prior to the permit final. There are 2 types of temporary utility approvals.

Transportation Permit (TRN)

    A transportation permit is required anytime a vehicle and/or load exceeds the following legal dimensions, on roads in unincorporated Sonoma County. Please follow the process instructions to submit a transportation application online. Be sure to also follow the Account Linking process described in Step 1 above.

Water Service Connection Permits

This permit is not for wells. For wells, go to Well Permits below.

    Water Service Permit (WAT)
    Water service permits. Connect to a public or community water service, not a well.

Well Permits

  • Well Permit (WEL)
    Well permit applications.  (More Information: Wells »)
    Effective May 18, 2023, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved amendments to the Well Ordinance.
    (More Information: 2023 Well Ordinance Update »)

    Effective March 28, 2022, the Governor of California issued an Executive Order to address the ongoing drought conditions. New water supply wells may be subject to additional permitting requirements. (More Information: Drought Executive Order)

    Is your property located within unincorporated Sonoma County?

    Is your property located within an incorporated city in Sonoma County?:
  • Well Study/Yield (WEL)
    Water well study/yield permit applications can be submitted electronically via e-mail.  (More Information: Water Wells »)
    Be sure to also follow the Account Linking process described in Step 1 above.
  • Well Revision


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